Why is it so importent to increase the user experience

Why user experience is so important

User Experience Design, also known as UX Design, is the process of enhancing user satisfaction through improving accessibility (how easy it is to get access to it), usability (how easy it is to use), stimulation (how interesting it is), utility (how useful it is), appeal (how aesthetically attractive it looks) and pleasure (how enjoyable it is) in the interactions between a user and a product. This can apply to any platform and any product, whether it’s a mobile app, software program, website or game. In this article, we’ll explain why UX Design is so important nowadays, and why you can’t afford to underestimate it.

User loyalty

This speaks for itself; if your users have a bad experience with your product, they are will not come back. This is bad, not only because you have lost a user, but also because this user will likely go to one of your competitors.

Return on Investment (ROI)

With a good UX design, you will get a Return on Investment. In other words, everything you invested in you product will generate a measurable value for your organization. Also, you will be able to convert users (or buyers), and increase your conversion rate.

user experience design process


A good UX design improves efficiency, for example by helping your users to complete certain tasks faster, or helping them to make less mistakes.


If you want to attract more users, they first need to be able to find you. Your content needs to be organized in a way that is pleasant and interesting for people, and easy for search engines.

User satisfaction

When something is easy and pleasant to do, you’re likely to do it more often, right? The same goes for your users. If your product is easy and pleasant to use, your users will most likely come back for it.

Last words

User experience has everything to do with how people respond to what they experience. This means that UX Design is not just about your product, but also about the way people react to it. Every single aspect, including layout, visual design, color, text, sound and interaction, influences your user’s emotions, and those emotions make up the user’s perception of the entire product. You know you don’t have the ability to directly control someone’s emotions, and that is why it is so important to consciously create your product. Every single aspect of it.

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