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Flyeralarm projects are now updated and will increase soon! 🚀

Today we have activated a major update to the Flyeralarm projects. We simplified the workflow, it’s way simpler now. All Flyeralarm projects now work via the following process: An offer request will be posted from Flyeralarm on Crowdsite You (as a designer) can make an offer for the project. You determine your own price and […]

Sell ​​your services for free via our new Marketplace!

Crowdsite is the first to launch a webshop that specializes in services. Buying a service should be as easy as buying a product at Amazon. And the best thing is, we open our webshop for you! From today you can add your services to our Marketplace, which has many advantages, such as: Publishing services is […]

New platform! 🔥 What has changed?

Free postings!From today, you can post all your projects for free on Crowdsite. It doesn’t matter if you create a Logo Design contest or a project in one of our new categories. New categories(Web/App)developmentBesides design, you are now also able to post all your development projects on Crowdsite. We have thousands of freelancers, ready to create a beautiful website, […]

100,000 users, we have done it!

100,000 users, we’ve done it! We are very proud to announce that we’ve welcomed our 100.000th user on Crowdsite. We really want to thank you all for the confidence you have in our platform! Some insights in our user database: The languages that our users speak: Dutch (60.54%) German (13.80%) English/other (25.66%) 500 designs a […]

Toobe-Art wins the Designer Award for the second time in a row!

Like the past 6 years we’ve rewarded the best performing designer with our prestigieus Designer Award. This year it’s even more special because Toobe-Art has won the Designer Award for the second time in a row. Last week we visited Toobe-Art and personally reached out the award. We would like to congratulate Toobe-Art with this […]

Generic logos: next please…

You see them everywhere and everybody knows them. We also see them often in logo contests. Are they wrong or illegal? no, normally not, but they are surely not unique. Are they used often? Absolutely! It is important that that they represent a company. It should say something about the mentality of this business. So […]

Simple, beautiful & user friendly, check out our new contest page.

Perhaps you have already seen it, we have provided different parts of the website in the last few months with a fresh look. With the aim to make the website more accessible and clearer. That is why we adapted the Design Contest page. In this email we would like to show you what has changed. […]

What has changed in namefinding contests?

We have adapted the namefinding contests on our site. Why? A lot of namefinding contests were started where also many, many names were submitted. To keep things simple we have adapted these contests. It is now possible for the contest owner to reject names or like them, creating a list of names that appeal to […]

The power of infographic

Probably everyone has seen an infographic. An infographic is a combination of text, images and data. Companies don’t realize yet what the advantage of an infographic is, in relative to a big text or a report. The power of infographic is that difficult pieces of text or a large amount of data are displayed in […]

Introducing Crowdsite, the First Social Crowdsourcing Network

OLDENZAAL, Netherlands, Sept. 15, 2016 – A study shows that one in eight people has made money online. There’s a huge crowd out there consisting of freelancers, startup entrepreneurs, smart employees and forward thinking businesses. Better named: Crowdworkers. Today we’re launching our Social Crowdsourcing Network. Currently our network is growing with 10,000 users a month […]

Tips and tricks for the service shop

1. Describe your service very specific. Bad example: Web design & development We are very good at designing and creating websites. Come with us, as we are the best/ Base price: € 1.500,– Good example: Web design conversion to HTML. Based on your current corporate identity, we make an awesome design. We do this, in […]

Need a good Business name? Check out these 10 tips!

You are a starting entrepreneur and want to start your business. One of the first things you will need is a good company name. Finding the right name for your business can be one of the most difficult tasks in starting the company. Ideally, you want a name that sounds good and sticks around your […]