Don’t know where to go with your flyer design?

Why do you want to make a flyer design? Do you want to promote your product or company or do you want to advertise an event? One thing is certain, your flyer should be read.

design a flyer in 12 steps, read the tips below

Who and what want you to achieve?

Who is your target audience? What do you want to achieve? Do you want to sell a product or service? Do you want to promote your event? Once you’ve answered these questions, you can convey your message and make your flyer.

Start with a good title

A good title is very important and must be strikingly so people will read your message.

Write clear text

You want your flyer to inform people quickly. Write clear, compelling, easy to read text.

Adjust your writing style to your target audience. The language you use for a flyer to 50+ swimming will be different from the language you use in a folder for school swimming. You want to make people curious so they will read your flyer. If you cannot write it by yourself, hire a professional. For this you can add a shout.

Keep it short

You want to trigger people to read your flyer; do not tell everything, make them curious. For details, please refer to your website.

What makes you or your product special?

What makes you better than the competition? Why should someone attend your event or buy your product?

Be careful with color use

Bright colors stand out. Too much color distracts from the message. Do you have a logo or corporate identity, use these colors also in your flyer design. Color does affect the perception of the potential customer, so please note that the color fits your purpose.


Use a fascinating image

A good picture often says more than a thousand words. Many people are visual and will not read the flyer completely. A fascinating image can then make sure that your product or service still lingers. The images must be of good quality and if they match in color with the rest of the design, your flyer will look professional.

Design an appealing layout

Symmetrical and neat placement of text will create a nice look.  A title that stands out definitely attracts attention. Do you have a logo, use it in your flyer or design one first. Do you have a corporate design, than hold on to it.

Clearly state your contact

You want people on the occasion of your flyer to contact you. Make sure they can do that. Your name, phone number and website should be in your flyer. Optionally, you can add the company address.

What font do you choose?

Do you want a corporate look or just a more playful one for your flyer design? You can tune your font thereon. Do you have a corporate design, use your common letters.


In what format will you make your flyer?

You can make flyers in many various formats. The most common format is A5. Do you want to stand out with your flyer? Then use an atypical form, such as a circle or create a flyer in a different format.

Action or offer

A flyer can be used very well to communicate your offer or promotion. Offer readers a discount or a free product. Just make sure that this is temporary!

If you don’t succeed in making a flyer with the above tips, write a clear briefing and start a online flyer design contest.