Top 3 designs of the month September

Every month we post at Crowdsite the 3 best logo designs. This September, we have seen a lot of awesome designs, so it was difficult to pick the 3 most beautiful. There are always a couple of designs that we like very much, so we want to share them with our visitors. This September, it was nearly impossible to pick the 3 best designs. Nevertheless we have selected 3 awesome designs.

#1 is a logo that is designed by mainstream. The design is a logo that is made for the company Authenticus, a consultancy company.

Logo Authenticus


#2 is a logo that is designed by YellowARTCreative. The logo is designed for a company called Bijzonder. It a company that helps people with behavior problems in the sport

Logo Bijzonder

#3 is a logo that is designed by pd-design. The design is for a company called Wespe.

Logo wespe