Tips and tricks for the service shop

1. Describe your service very specific.

Bad example:

Web design & development

We are very good at designing and creating websites. Come with us, as we are the best/

Base price: € 1.500,–

Good example:

Web design conversion to HTML. Based on your current corporate identity, we make an awesome design. We do this, in close consultation with you. After you have approved the design, we create the website in HTML. One page design is included in the base price.

Base price: 600,–

  • option: extra page design and HTML € 300,–
  • option: WordPress CMS implementation € 750,–

2. Upselling works better than selling down…

Start with a low base price, be very specific in what the customer gets. For extra options you can mention the prices, so the client can decide what he/she wants. Customers often want more throughout the process, so you can easily sell additional services.

3. Good examples

Show in your services fine examples of previously created designs/work, a nice illustration of the service, or customer feedback. The image you add to the service is your signboard.

4. Publish in multiple languages

Our shop is offered in three languages, Dutch, German and English. Do you speak multiple languages? Add the service also in more languages. That way, your service will faster be discoverable in that language.

Also read: policy in the service shop.