Speed and Security Anchor Crowdsite’s New Design Platform Launch

The Netherlands (Sept. 15, 2014) – Crowdsite – Europe’s largest online community of design, graphics, and software talent – has unveiled a new platform that meets the two biggest needs of small business project leaders: speed of use and information security. The improvements make it easier and safer than ever for small businesses to shape optimal projects by tapping into Crowdsite’s global 53359-strong freelancer base for logo, illustration, video, graphics, and app development needs.

Among the major enhancements is a fresh, elegant code designed by Crowdsite’s engineers, improving the platform’s speed by 28 percent. And the upgrades are not just in the background, but also at the user level, with the site boasting enhanced navigation and usability features that make it faster for project participants to use. The site even has redesigned personal support tools, including help functions that provide more relevant answers through a context-based engine.

The new safety features also touch every aspect of Crowdsite’s platform and business offering. Safety and trust are critical elements in the success of any online networking community, and Crowdsite’s experience with more than 1 million submissions and 50,000 users – making it Europe’s top design crowdsourcing site – has offered a wealth of data on what makes for the most secure and smooth business transactions between small business owners and the graphics experts they hire.

Among the upgraded features is a platform offering payments in four major currencies – Euros, British pounds, U.S. dollars, and Swiss francs – and an escrow transaction template that safely deposits funds during the project execution phase. That format protects both the owner’s investment as well as the pay settlement for designers, addressing the biggest concern of transactions relying on online payments – a lack of trust between parties that are working remotely.
Crowdsite’s ability to reposition itself to better serve project owners and designers owes to its own independent, entrepreneurial model, says Roel Masselink, the company’s 28-year-old founder and CEO.
“We control our own business model and don’t have outside investors,” Masselink says. “We choose quality above all else.”

While business leaders know crowdsourcing offers a deep well of ideas that helps them reach beyond a limited pool of local candidates, Crowdsite harnesses the concept’s power into practical results. And Crowdsite’s new platform improvements are redefining what entrepreneurs and designers can achieve through social business, where sponsors create smart networks of professionals who can tackle a range of projects. Only Crowdsite has anchored its workflow on this concept, with an intelligent dashboard, flexible architecture, and high level of functionality that can synthesize the efforts of independent architects, illustrators, and even coders.
“Crowdsite’s active community of designers and project owners across United Kingdom, Germany, Holland, Spain, Italy, and the U.S. has been growing all throughout 2014,” Masselink says. “Our redesigned site is already getting rave reviews.”

About Crowdsite

Crowdsite is a business owner’s one-stop website for all kinds of commercial design needs that is expanding its global reach to clients in Europe, the U.S., and Asia in 2014. Based in Oldenzaal, Holland, crowdsite.com is Europe’s leading design platform, with active communities in the United Kingdom, Germany, Holland, Spain, and Italy that have fostered thousands of contests and nearly 1 million submissions from its more than 37,000 design contributors. Project owners have paid out more than $2.5 million to winning contests. Learn more about this international crowdsourced networking platform by viewing Crowdsite’s “How It Works” video at http://youtu.be/p32bxZLsVD8.