Do you want to help us test our new navigation?

For a while now we’ve been working to improve our navigation. Now is the time to put our new navigation in beta. Designers who are interested can help us by testing the new navigation. By clicking on the link in your dashboard you can sign up and start testing.

What changed?

We removed the menu items you would normally find on the leftside of our menu. To replace those menu items we’ve added Apps. You can find these apps by clicking the grid icon on the rightside of the navigation. Once you’ve clicked this icon a popup will appear where you can click the app of your choice.

After you’ve clicked on a app you’ll see a new menu appears on the left side of the page. For each app there’s a different menu. On top, in the dark bar you can see which app your viewing, als you can hide or bring out the menu.


Mobile navigation

We’ve also given our mobile navigation an update. Before the mobile navigation was different to the desktop navigation. Now the mobile navigation is the same as the one you’ll see on desktop view.

Do you want to help us testing this beta? click the link you’ll see in your dashboard.