20 new categories & better briefings

A great start of the year, as of today we extended our contest service with 20 new product categories. For example we’ve added a category for Social Media, App and Mascot design. You’ll find all the new categories here!

New: Package deals! Up to 15% discount

Are you in need of a new logo with a Facebook icon, letterhead or business cards? Starting today, if you start a Logo Design contest you can add ‘Brand basics’, you’ll be good looking from the (re)start!

Better briefing at logo design contests!

We’re constantly working to make the communication between business and designer easier. Business owners can now specify styles and colors when starting  logo design contest. This wil make it easier for the designer to make an stunning design.

As a business owner you can select a number of logo’s / styles that you like. This way the designer gets an idea of the style he/she should be creating. There is also an option to fill in a company name, slogan, target audience and color specifications.. This prevents a lot of questions from designers.

Namefinding contest standard one-on-one

From this day on namefinding contests are always one-on-one. The client doesn’t have to pay extra for this option. The option will be automatically added at name finding contests.

You’ll find all the new categories here!