Need a good Business name? Check out these 10 tips!

You are a starting entrepreneur and want to start your business. One of the first things you will need is a good company name. Finding the right name for your business can be one of the most difficult tasks in starting the company. Ideally, you want a name that sounds good and sticks around your customers. In addition, it is important that the company name is doing well on the internet.

Tip 1 Rules

It is wise to study the guidelines of business names first before you come up with a company name.

Tip 2 What do you stand for as a company?

It is important that you first answer the following questions, before thinking about a good business name.

  • What is the value of my company?
  • What is my target audience?
  • In which market, I want to establish myself?
  • What kind of image do I want to radiate as a company? (For example, a sustainable business).

Tip 3 Brainstorming

The answers that be given to the previous questions could help with your brainstorming session. Enter a number of sessions to come up with company names. When you have a lot of names, create a list of several names which are appropriate for your business.

Tip 4 Stand out

Stand out from the competition. It is important to show that you have a different company than your competitors. Creativity and originality are keywords here. If you want to stand out, then make a name that sounds good and is easy to remember. An original company name is always better than a company name that is already common.

Tip 5 Family and friends

Ask your friends and/or family what they think of the company name. Comments like “ how do you spell it?” and “what do you mean exactly?” are often a sign that you need to rethink about the name.

Tip 6 Future

Take a company name with which you can continue in the future. A business name which is too specific is often not good if you want to expand your company in the future. For example, Peter has a company that designs T-shirts. Peter calls his company Peter’s T-shirt design. Through this name, he limits himself to one activity while he might want more than just T-shirt design in the future. It is smarter for Peter to choose a name like Peter’s Design Studio.

Tip 7 Google

Type the name into Google and see what happens. You might have a good name but maybe it has not the correct association that you want. The search behavior is also important for your company. What keywords use people frequently as they search for your products or services that you offer? Google Adwords is a tool you can use for it. You can see how often people enter a particular search and what keywords are associated with your product or service.

Tip 8 Domain name

It is important that the domain name that you would like is still available. If your company name is Peter Adams then you probably want to claim peteradams.co.uk, but if you want to expand worldwide,l extensions like .com are also important for you. Look for websites where you could find out if the domain name is still available. It could be that a domain name is already occupied, but don’t worry. There are sites where you can see who owns the site and how active this person is with the domain name. If the owner is not as active with the site, try to contact him to buy the domain name.

Tip 9 Register

Register the company name and the domain name you want to use. It is smart to register multiple extensions (.com, .net) etc. Even if you don’t use the extension at this moment, it is smart to capture it. If you register it, it can not be snatched away.

Tip 10 Business name generator

Are you not able to come up with a company name? There are business name generators who invent company names. You can try this, but often this does not produce the desired result because these generators don’t take into consideration where your company stands for.

Another option is to start a namefinding contest. In such contest, you can describe what market you are in, what you target audience is and which style you like.