5 tips for a good corporate identity

As a company or organization, you want to make a good impression on your customers and prospects. Also you want to stand out from the competition. A good look and feel that suits your business is very important. An appropriate corporate design is indispensable.

A corporate design is the visual identity of an organization. One of the most important elements in a corporate design is the logo. A corporate identity consists of several elements: logo, name, color, font, visuals and shapes. When these elements are used consistently in presentations, stationary, businness cards, ads, website and so on, the corporate identity will increase your brand awareness and makes you stand out from the competition.

A corporate identity manual provides good support. In this manual you will find guidelines for the use of the corporate identity elements on different carriers. When your corporate identity is implemented at every level of your organization, work will be more effectively as layout of letters, quotations, emails and invoices is fixed.

Good corporate identity

A coporate identity usually consists of letterhead, envelope and business card. Your corporate identity can also be implemented on other carriers. These include car wrapping, packaging, social media icons, banners and for example clothing.

5 tips for a good corporate design!

Tip 1 It is useful to first answer the following questions:
– Who or what do you (as an organization) want to be?
– What do you want to convey?
– What distinguishes your organization from the competition?
– What is your target group?
– The answers to these questions can be used to write a clear briefing

Tip 2: Indicate which style you like most. Give examples of logo´s and corporate design you like so designers can get started with your design style.

Good corporate identity

Tip 3: Ask for a logo that can be used in all communications. It may then be necessary to make various logo´s such as detached, black/white or with different backgrounds.

Tip 4: Select a font that matches the identity of your company.

Tip 5: Provide adequate budget; you better spend a little more to get a good corporate identity that can be used right away in all media, than spend less on a non-consistent corporate identity.

good corporate identity