Dutch design start-up launches crowdsite.com

OLDENZAAL 23 APRIL 2013 – In addition to the current market, crowdsite.com offers design contests and projects. Crowdsite.com is a one stop website for all your commercial design requirements!

Crowdsite has already launched her websites in 5 European countries. Starting with Holland in 2010. Soon Germany, the United Kingdom , Spain an Italy followed. Making Crowdsite the leading design crowdsourcing platform based in Europe.

This start-up, consisting of more than 30.000 active designers, wants to market herself in the USA. We can proudly report the submission of 600.000 designs and payment of $ 2.000.000 to all the winning designers. To feed our hunger for growth we’re launching our websites in Asia this year.

“The response we’ve received from our commissioners is overwhelmingly positive. This being the main reason for us to start project placing in the USA.” According to Mr. Roel Masselink (27), founder and CEO of Crowdsite. “Dutch designers can’t wait to get started in the USA and show of their expertise by making the best designs possible for your company”.

Considering ourselves to be experts in this field, we would like to offer you our free advice. Whether or not it might be better for you to place a project or to start a design contest. Are you currently looking for an exclusive design? Enter your project today, free of charge!