What has changed in namefinding contests?

We have adapted the namefinding contests on our site. Why? A lot of namefinding contests were started where also many, many names were submitted. To keep things simple we have adapted these contests. It is now possible for the contest owner to reject names or like them, creating a list of names that appeal to the contest owner; so no pages full of names which make it impossible to keep an eye on the ball.

No stars & no finalists

Appreciating names by giving stars lapsed. In practice, this does not work for a namefinding contest. The contest owner can now simply indicates what is appealing and what is not. Choosing finalists is also needless in namefinding contests. A name cannot be fine-tuned.

Limit on entries and new opportunities

Namefinding contests remain one-to-one and guaranteed. You can upload up to 30 names per day in the various namefinding contests. This is to ensure that contests owners are not overwhelmed by too many names of variations of a name.

In addition, we have added two services; the client can perform a domain name check during the contest. It also possible to google the name directly and determine the originality of the name.

After selecting the winning name, this name will only be visible in the contest. The other names remain protected. This we are going to apply in one-to-one contests in all categories.