5 tips for a good looking portfolio

Recently we have updated the portfolio section on our website. For years, all of your entries were in your profile. If you liked them or not, winning designs could not be removed. We have changed that. You can now manage your own portfolio. Please note that you can add up to 8 portfolio items, so be sure to select only your best designs.

In this article we will give 5 tips, so your designs will stand out in your portfolio.

1. Make sure your designs have the same size

By using the same size you will create a professional portfolio. This high attention detail will grab the viewer´s attention.

a good portfolio

2. Keep it simple and organized

Emphasize the designs and the way you want to display them. You want your designs to be seen, so make sure the focus lies on your designs.

3. Show your different design skills

If you are a designer who regularly competes in different categories, please be sure to upload designs from all categories.

a good portfolio

4. Group designs with the same style

You made a few designs in the same style? For example, you designed a few logo´s, using the same modern business style? Group these designs so you will create calmness in your portfolio.

5. Tell the story behind your designs

Tell the visitor of your portfolio why you have come to a certain design. What was in the briefing, why did you choose a certain style or color and what do you want to carry out with your design?

a good portfolio