10 tips to spot a good web developer

10 tips to spot a good web developer

It can be pretty tricky to spot a good web developer, especially if you’re not an expert on web development yourself. But if you hire someon, you surely want to know that you get value for money. Luckily, there are a few qualities that can easily be spotted.

If I need a good web developer, I look for a web developer that:

Accepts that their client is always right.

A good web developer has the ability to listen to his client and strives to fulfill his requests. This is remarkably difficult sometimes, especially in situations where the client doesn’t really know what he’s doing or what he wants, or is asking for something that the web developer knows that it doesn´t not work. A good web developer will try to advise and negotiate with his client to come up with solutions that will be satisfying for everyone.

Has a legendary amount of patience.

Web development can be very frustrating, especially in the testing phase. There will always be bugs that refuse to be fixed and in order to deliver a bug-free product, a lot of patience is needed. A lot.

Keeps developing his skills.

If there is one field where you’re never done learning, it’s web development. A good web developerhas to stay on top of the latest developments in his area of expertise to be successful. New coding languages, new SEO guidelines, new requirements for responsiveness, they have to stay up-to-date. Web developers have to be genuinely interested in learning new skills.

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Does not waste time reinventing the wheel.

A good web developer should be able to use libraries, databases and other sources to find what he needs within minutes, and adjust it to his own needs. Writing a piece of code that already exists would be a waste of time and money.

Knows that time is money.

A good web developer will work as efficiently as possible. He will set a personal deadline for himself a few days before the actual deadline, so he will have enough time for testing and making final improvements.

Has the right tools.

All the successful web developers I’ve met have invested their savings into buying the best desktop computers and laptops available. And if they’re professionals, they should have some type of insurance to ensure that they get a replacement computer when their computer has to be repaired. But they’ll likely have one or two ‘extra’ laptops lying around. The work of a good web developer never stops, not even when his computer spontaneously combusts.

Is obsessive about backups.

A good web developer knows that even the best computers are not 100% reliable, and that anything can happen. They will make daily backups to ensure they won’t lose any work when something goes awry.

Has excellent communication skills.

A good web developer won’t drown his clients in confusing technical terms. He will explain everything in layman’s terms. It’s his job to ensure you feel comfortable with your project. He will communicate regularly, so you don’t lose track of what’s going on.

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Has a deep passion for his work.

Most good web developers have what you can call a hackers mindset; they love to know how things work and they can get really excited when they get a piece of code to work. These people spend all their free time writing codes and don’t even mind that they’re not getting paid. Their excitement is evident in the interactions with their clients. If I meet a web developer who doesn’t seem genuinely passionate about what he’s doing, I walk away.

Does not have tunnel vision.

A good web developer focuses on his own job but is also aware of what his web designer, content writer and SEO expert colleagues are doing. After all, they have to work with the foundation that he is building, and it needs to be a solid one.

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