Why a responsive website is better

More and more companies in this day and age opt for a responsive website, rather than the opposite of that. A responsive website is a site that doesn’t only look neat and clean, but also looks good on every kind of device. The website is perfectly viewable on a tablet and smartphones. What can a responsive website do for you? Read on.

More visitors on smartphone and tablet

Reports from Google have made it clear that more and more people look at websites on their tablet or smartphone. Apparently more than 50 percent of searches are done by smartphone! Some websites get 50 percent more visitors since they changed to a responsive web design. You can use Google Analytics to view how your website is doing on mobile devices. You can also use this service to find out how quickly people leave your website. If your website doesn’t have a responsive layout, it’s safe to assume people will leave your site a lot faster.

Better rank in Google

Since a big Google search engine update in 2015 websites with a responsive build will do better in the rankings. If your website is up to mobile website standards, you’ll also get labeled by google as “mobile friendly”. If you want to check if your website has this label, just google your website on a smartphone or tablet. This way you can find out if Google approved you to have the “mobile friendly” label. Google gives these websites a better position, so that users have a better mobile experience. Having a responsive website will make your position in Google way better.

Your visitors will appreciate it

This is 2015. You, as a visitor of websites, must know how annoying it is to land on a website that looks clunky on a mobile device. There’s a high chance visitors of your website will feel the same and will quickly head over to your mobile-friendly competitor’s site. If you put time, money, and effort into a responsive website, it will pay off in the long run. You are showing your visitors and potential customers that you are doing everything to make their stay as enjoyable as possible.

More leads

After a while, a responsive website will generate more leads. You’ll notice the difference in leads, when you’ve recently switched to a more responsive design. Suddenly visitors are staying longer and even buying more of your products. Keep an eye on your Google Analytics statistics. Increase your cash flow with a responsive design; it’s worth it.

More cashflow with a responsive design

You’ll most certainly notice an increase in clientele when you own a webshop with a responsive design. Webshops without a responsive layout earn up to 60 percent less than websites that are mobile-friendly. Do you own a webshop, but it’s not responsive yet? Invest your time and money in building a responsive version of your webshop, and we’ll guarantee you, it’ll pay off.

The difference between a mobile website and a responsive one

A mobile website is not the same as a responsive website, despite popular belief. There are big differences between the two. A mobile website is often designed for several specific phone brands. A responsive website will adjust itself to be easy to use on every kind of device, not just certain smartphones. Font size and image size is automatically adjusted when you use a responsive website. When you choose a responsive design over a mobile website you are choosing to cater to everyone, not just phone users. That’s the big difference between a mobile website and a responsive website.


It’s pretty obvious that everyone can benefit a lot from having a responsive website. We expect the mobile market to grow and grow, so your profit from having a responsive website will also grow. Don’t forget that you’ll also get better rankings in Google! Don’t stay behind and change your website to a responsive website today. You’re investing in you and your company’s future. Are you ready for more profit?